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Report the Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle

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This online service is for reporting the Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle only.

Under Alaska Statute 28.10.271 (c) The owner shall notify the department of the transfer or assignment of the owner's title or interest in a vehicle within 10 days following transfer or assignment. The notification shall constitute a valid transfer under AS 28.10.321 and 28.10.361.

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Please complete the entry form to the right. Type the full Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If you do not have the full VIN:
  1. Enter the license plate, AND
  2. The last two digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
Date of Sale or Transfer: Alaska Statute requires that you report the sale or transfer of your vehicle within 10 days. If the sale or transfer of the vehicle occurred more than 10 days ago you must submit the transfer information by mail on the form attached to the bottom of the title or by using DMV form 820

Before clicking SUBMIT, make sure to enter the full name and address of the person you sold the vehicle to (Transferee Name and Transferee Address).


Report of Sale or Transfer successfully submitted!

Click RESTART if you need to report the sale of another vehicle.

Vehicle Transfer Entry Form



Transferee Name & Address
I certify that I have sold or transferred the vehicle described herein and have fully assigned and delivered the Certificate of Vehicle Title to the buyer or transferee thereby releasing all rights and interest to the vehicle.

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