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Renew Driver License or ID Card


Please be aware that it can take 30 days for you to receive your temporary license in the mail. If your current driver license will expire before then please do not renew on line and visit a DMV office to obtain your temporary license that day.

Please take a moment to read the following information about renewing your driver license online. If you have already read the information and are ready to renewing your driver license, please click on:

Renew Online


You may be eligible to renew your Alaska Driver's License or State Identification (ID) Card If your license or ID card is due to expire within one year, please check below to see if you may qualify to renew online.

  • Must be 22* to 68 years of age when renewing your Driver's License (you may not renew online if you are 69 years of age or older on the expiration date of the driver's license being renewed).
  • Must be 22* years of age when renewing an ID card.
    *If you are 20 or 21 and attending college outside of Alaska, click here for information.
  • Must hold a non-commercial Driver's License or ID card.
  • The last time you renewed your Driver's License or ID card, you must have renewed in person. Commercial Driver's Licenses are not eligible for renewal online.
  • A name change will require a visit to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with documentation to provide proof of the change.
  • If you wish to renew your Driver's License, it must be valid (it cannot be cancelled, revoked, suspended or disqualified).
  • The last Driver's License issued to you must have been an Alaska license.

If you meet these qualifications, you may apply for a renewal of your Alaska Driver's License or ID card.  Further verification will be conducted at the DMV to determine eligibility. 

If you are out of state and have lost your Alaska Driver's License and are not eligible to renew at this time, please see the following:  Temporary / Extension


Please note that the mailing address used on your application will appear on your license and/or ID card. The DMV must mail your license and/or ID card to your mailing address on file with the division and cannot mail it to an alternative location. The Post Office will not forward any mailed cards or documents. Be sure that the mailing address you provide is an address where you can receive the issued card, even if it is a temporary or out-of-state mailing address.